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Standard / Recurring Cleaning

Come Home to a Clean House

Who doesn’t love stepping into a hotel room with freshly vacuumed rugs, streak-free windows, and perfectly hung guest towels? Get that experience every day in your own home with regular weekly maintenance. A recurring house cleaning service offers a variety of benefits such as making life easier, reduces stress levels and improves your quality of life.

In a standard clean, the focus is on the areas of the home that get used the most, including: the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, laundry rooms, play areas, finished basements, home offices.

Keep in mind that each clean is unique, and our services will be tailored to your home and needs.


Services in these areas include:

● Vacuuming and mopping floors
● Dusting surfaces, baseboards, furniture, picture frames
● Cleaning toilets, sinks, mirrors, counters, tubs, showers, and stovetop
● Wiping down cupboard doors, microwave, door knobs, light switches, window ledges, and counter backsplashes
● Polish chrome taps
● Empty trash cans and replacing garbage cans


✓ Wipe down and polish small and large appliances surfaces

✓ Wipe down tables

✓ Windex glass patio doors, mirrors and glass tabletops

✓ Spot clean fingerprints on interior windows

✓ Thoroughly clean kitchen sink

✓ Dust and wipe down kitchen surfaces

✓ Thorough clean inside and out microwave

✓ Clean and scrub range tops

✓ Dust and wipe down baseboards ( if time permits)

✓ Empty garbage cans, including recycle cans

✓ Thoroughly vacuum and damp mop kitchen floors

✓ Thorough clean; sinks, faucets, bathroom fixtures, wall tiles, shower doors, and drains.

✓ Remove soap scum from shower doors and tracks

✓ Thorough clean toilets inside and out

✓ Wipe down bathrooms countertops and cabinets surfaces

✓ Dust and wipe down bathroom baseboards and floors

✓ Clean mirrors

✓ Trash cans sanitized and bags replaced

✓ Move light furniture and vacuum behind and beneath

✓ Vacuum rugs and carpets

✓ Vacuum hardwood floors

✓ Damp mop hardwood floors and other types of floors

✓ Dust, vacuum and mop the laundry room

✓ Vacuum sofas, dust and wipe down furniture

✓ Empty trash cans and replace garbage bags

✓ Dust blinds (if time permits)

✓ Dust fixtures surface


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